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last changeMon, 10 May 2021 11:35:45 +0000 (13:35 +0200)
2021-05-10 Iain PattersonPYENV prompt. master
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonFix short path in prompt.
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonAdded git whereami alias.
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonSilently handle the case of no *.prompt files existing.
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonSome ps1 state variables need wider scope.
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonAllow running multiple PROMPT_COMMAND snippets.
2018-05-17 Iain PattersonKubernetes stuff.
2018-05-16 Iain PattersonSplit PS1 components into .ps1 files.
2017-08-02 Iain PattersonFix ktmux_helper for tmux 1.8 with run_shell -b.
2016-09-12 Iain PattersonBetter SSH completion.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonEasier to read blue colour in terminals.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonFix missing slashes in short dir.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonRead existing palette colour.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonAllow overriding colours in uxrvt palette.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonCopy became script to target directory.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonHandle case where become script is unreadable.
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