2021-05-10 Iain PattersonPYENV prompt. master
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonFix short path in prompt.
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonAdded git whereami alias.
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonSilently handle the case of no *.prompt files existing.
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonSome ps1 state variables need wider scope.
2021-05-08 Iain PattersonAllow running multiple PROMPT_COMMAND snippets.
2018-05-17 Iain PattersonKubernetes stuff.
2018-05-16 Iain PattersonSplit PS1 components into .ps1 files.
2017-08-02 Iain PattersonFix ktmux_helper for tmux 1.8 with run_shell -b.
2016-09-12 Iain PattersonBetter SSH completion.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonEasier to read blue colour in terminals.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonFix missing slashes in short dir.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonRead existing palette colour.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonAllow overriding colours in uxrvt palette.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonCopy became script to target directory.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonHandle case where become script is unreadable.
2016-05-24 Iain PattersonRestore environment variables when becoming.
2016-05-04 Iain PattersonThe relativenumber option was added in Vim 7.3 not...
2016-03-17 Iain PattersonUse relativenumber if available.
2016-03-16 Iain PattersonHandle the case where $HOME has a trailing slash.
2016-02-24 Iain PattersonAdded missing speeddating autoload.
2016-02-16 Iain PattersonAdded jdaddy plugin.
2016-02-16 Iain PattersonAdded ykutw plugin.
2016-02-16 Iain PattersonUpdated characterize plugin.
2016-02-16 Iain PattersonUpdated speeddating plugin.
2016-02-12 Iain PattersonFind urxvt256c silently.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonUse 256-colour urxvt if available.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonUse Undotree instead of Gundo.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonUndotree plugin.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonUnexpand ~ in short prompt.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonSet PROMPT_DIRTRIM dynamically.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonRespect PROMPT_DIRTRIM with some enhancements.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonSlightly less vibrant standout colour in the pager.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonAdd some less options.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonFixed close indent marker.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonSave path to .bash_profile in PROFILE_RC variable.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonEnsure the CWD precedes PROFILE_HOME in new CDPATH.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonTry to line up tab header with columns.
2016-02-11 Iain PattersonAdd PROFILE_HOME to CDPATH.
2015-10-21 Iain PattersonShow number of background jobs in the prompt.
2015-08-03 Iain PattersonFixed Pentadactyl with uBlock Origin popup.
2015-06-19 Iain PattersonFixed Pentadactyl with vertical tabs.
2015-02-25 Iain PattersonTypo in git-commit-tree.
2015-02-20 Iain PattersonEnable a background highlight for the prompt.
2015-02-04 Iain PattersonFixed regression in previous commit.
2015-02-04 Iain PattersonFixed setting PROFILE_HOME when sourcing from relative...
2015-02-02 Iain PattersonAvoid bash 4 code.
2015-01-07 Iain PattersonSet author/committer name/email from dotfiles.
2014-12-02 Iain PattersonExport SCREENRC in become.
2014-12-02 Iain PattersonSave path to .profile.d in PROFILE_D variable.
2014-10-29 Iain PattersonFixed symlink path leakage.
2014-10-06 Iain PattersonShortcut .rc file.
2014-09-26 Iain PattersonShortcut to setting PROFILE_HOME.
2014-06-30 Iain PattersonColours for PS2 and PS4.
2014-06-24 Iain PattersonShow expandtab in the statusline.
2014-06-24 Iain PattersonDifferent Unicode tab indicator.
2014-05-28 Iain PattersonLess convoluted rtp setting.
2014-05-28 Iain PattersonLook in HOME then PROFILE_HOME for .become files.
2014-05-28 Iain PattersonExport PROFILE_HOME.
2014-05-28 Iain PattersonRework changing pane titles.
2014-05-08 Iain PattersonTypo.
2014-04-01 Iain PattersonStrip non-numerics from tmux version.
2014-03-01 Iain PattersonNicer space marker.
2014-02-28 Iain PattersonTypo.
2014-02-26 Iain PattersonShow Space plugin information in the statusline.
2014-02-26 Iain PattersonSet tab width with a function.
2014-02-26 Iain PattersonMore specific Mapping().
2014-02-26 Iain PattersonUse silent mappings where possible.
2014-02-26 Iain PattersonSet shiftwidth and tabstop together.
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonSpace plugin.
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonCharacterize plugin.
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonRecovery plugin.
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonNarrowRegion plugin.
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonHighlight DOS format files in the statusline.
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonMildly more readable statusline code.
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonTidy up Show_Encoding().
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonFixed older versions parsing .vimrc
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonVim 5 fixes.
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonUse help buffers in commit and merge scripts.
2014-02-10 Iain PattersonAdded git pretty alias.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonShow marks in the statusline.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonUnicode completion plugin.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonShow file encoding in the statusline.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonShow search direction in the statusline.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonSeparate statusline colour for replace mode.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonConfiguration options for gitv plugin.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonDon't use cursor sign if cursorline is active.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonAlways use cursorline with a highlight.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonUpdate signs when the cursor is held.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonAdded cursor sign highlight.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonSign precedence.
2014-02-03 Iain PattersonMore readable sign initialisation code.
2014-01-27 Iain PattersonMore incorrect uses of noremap.
2014-01-27 Iain PattersonVim 7.4 won't let us quit windows from a script.
2014-01-27 Iain PattersonScript to get environment variables for a process.
2014-01-27 Iain PattersonScript to guess Red Hat machine's build date.
2014-01-27 Iain PattersonText formatter plugin.
2014-01-27 Iain Pattersongitv plugin.
2014-01-27 Iain PattersonFugitive plugin.
2014-01-27 Iain PattersonOverride "p4 diff" to handle change numbers.