descriptionSimon Mudd's pstop.
ownerIain Patterson
last changeThu, 5 Mar 2015 16:49:21 +0000 (16:49 +0000)
2015-03-05 Iain PattersonSensibly format rows with table name on the right. master
2015-03-05 Iain PattersonAdded TermboxScreen.ClearLine().
2015-03-05 Iain PattersonClear with the default background, not black.
2015-02-27 Simon J Muddbump to v0.3.5 upstream
2015-02-27 Simon J MuddFix brokenness with mixing strings and parameters
2015-02-24 Simon J Muddfmt screen.go
2015-02-24 Simon J Muddcomment change
2015-02-24 Simon J Muddsetup_instruments: use query with parameter
2015-02-24 Simon J Muddmove termbox.Events generator into screen
2015-02-24 Simon J Muddcleanup and remove unused datadir
2015-02-24 Simon J MuddAdd a check for performance_schema.events_stages_summar...
2015-02-24 Simon J Muddwhitespace changes
2015-02-24 Simon J Muddscreen: Reorder functions alphabetically and minor...
2015-02-24 Simon J Muddbump version to 0.3.4 and adjust copyright for 2015
2015-02-24 Simon J Muddmove var connector to top of main()
2015-02-12 Simon J MuddAdd more variables into app
5 years ago master
5 years ago upstream