2007-06-20 Iain PattersonVim 6 hardcodes numberwidth to 8.
2007-06-20 Iain PattersonTrying to handle multiple toggles of number mode in...
2007-06-19 Iain PattersonPartition configuration directives by supported version.
2007-06-19 Iain PattersonFirst crack at auto resizing Qn mode for vim.
2007-06-18 Iain PattersonAdded taglist support.
2007-06-16 Iain PattersonFixed GREP_COLOR.
2007-06-12 Iain PattersonAdded grep colour.
2007-04-25 Iain PattersonUse bold for active window name.
2007-04-23 Iain PattersonHandle ssh-agent socket going away.
2007-04-07 Iain PattersonAlways show screen caption.
2007-04-06 Iain PattersonUse green status bar for active screen window.
2007-04-02 Iain PattersonDon't print completions horizontally. They get messed up.
2007-03-29 Iain PattersonAdded -n option to kill_known_host to print key only.
2007-03-21 Iain PattersonTypo in no_empty_cmd_completion.
2007-03-20 Iain PattersonAdded more shell options.
2007-03-20 Iain PattersonAdded options.bashrc for shopt stuff.
2007-03-17 Iain PattersonRemove stale agent socket.
2007-03-05 Iain PattersonAdded Qp to .vimrc.
2006-11-27 Iain PattersonFix fold toggling.
2006-11-27 Iain PattersonDon't toggle hexmode when opening a new buffer.
2006-11-22 Iain PattersonExperimental toolbar.
2006-11-09 Iain PattersonUse exec for efficiency.
2006-10-23 Iain PattersonShow paste status.
2006-10-19 Iain PattersonAdded modprobe and rmmmod completions.
2006-08-17 Iain PattersonAdded kill_known_host script and completion.
2006-08-08 Iain PattersonAdded visual remap commands to find selection in visual...
2006-07-26 Iain PattersonSometimes we can't use lsof to get ssh-agent PID, so...
2006-06-30 Iain PattersonLose useless PHP mode.
2006-06-26 Iain PattersonAdd gb mapping.
2006-04-12 Iain PattersonError with PROMPT_FAILED_COLOUR.
2006-03-02 Iain PattersonPrevent bash complaining after setting PS1 and su-ing...
2006-02-06 Iain PattersonUse Q... instead of ,... for commands.
2006-01-24 Iain Pattersonvi=vim alias.
2006-01-18 Iain PattersonDisplay filetype and buffer dirtiness in shorter form.
2006-01-18 Iain PattersonAdded first xstroke dictionary.
2006-01-17 Iain PattersonMore concise statusline.
2006-01-09 Iain PattersonAdded tabstop change shortcuts (,2 etc).
2006-01-06 Iain Patterson(Re)added hlsearch.
2006-01-04 Iain PattersonOlder versions of vim didn't understand +=.
2005-12-23 Iain PattersonTypo.
2005-12-23 Iain PattersonGap between left- and right-aligned status line element...
2005-12-15 Iain PattersonSet iain___ variables before using them.
2005-12-15 Iain Pattersonfoldmethod was annoying.
2005-12-15 Iain PattersonExplicitly set nocp.
2005-12-14 Iain PattersonAlways show status bar.
2005-12-09 Iain PattersonHighlighted screen name no longer blinks.
2005-11-07 Iain PattersonAdded rxvt-unicode terminfo.
2005-09-16 Iain PattersonSet correct tag.
2005-09-16 Iain PattersonAdded comment binds for H and L matching vim (keep...
2005-09-16 Iain PattersonAdded screenrc.
2005-08-15 Iain PattersonPreserve PROMPT_xx_COLOUR if already set. Users can...
2005-08-15 Iain PattersonMoved some aliases and variables in .bash_profile to...
2005-08-15 Iain PattersonRedirect stderr when finding files.
2005-08-15 Iain PattersonAdded $Id$ tags.
2005-08-15 Iain PattersonInitial import.